The Waxing Rooms use only the best quality products available with the most up-to-date techniques in waxing. We use non strip (hot wax) for intimate and delicate areas and strip wax when required. This type of waxing is beneficial to people with more sensitive skin as it is less painful and it also reduces the chance of any ingrowing hairs.


Brazilian/Hollywood                  £20


Full leg                                      £16


Full leg & bikini                         £18


Half leg                                     £12


Bikini Line                                 £8


Under arms                          £7


Full arm                                £14


Abdomen                              £10


Back                                     £15



Waxing results in no stubble as hair is removed directly from the root so it takes longer time for hair to grow again. Leg Waxing results last anywhere from 3-8 weeks and dose not cause cuts, pigmentations or badly smelling skin! Waxing is our specialty, so we can confidently say you wont find many places you can go where youll experience such a level painless waxing treatment like here at the Waxing rooms.



Our friendly waxing specialists are highly skilled and offer full body waxing treatment, including a full range of intimate waxing: Basic Bikini Wax, Brazilian Wax, and Hollywood Wax. Our rooms/equipment are disinfected after each client. The Waxing Rooms believe that to bare all you must be in clean, comfortable surroundings